Top Hunting Websites

To us, Hunting is more than a sport or a way to pass the time. It’s more of a lifestyle, a way to feed our families and teach our children, and a way to get out and experience a different part of the country that many people dont take the time to drive out into and look for. There is a great hunting community online, all talking about different reasons for hunting, doing different types of hunting, and sharing great hunting stories. Here are some of our favorite hunting websites online, what we consider to be the Top Hunting Websites.


535565 482248971830405 1953641240 n 1 Top Hunting WebsitesRustic Man

Rustic Man is run by Aaron, who started the site because he thinks that essential skills and DIY knowledge is being lost in todays society. He’s talking about how to grow or gather all of his own food, which includes hunting, gardening and raising chickens. Aaron also talks quite a bit about teaching his sons about the outdoors and what it means to be a rustic man. His site is filled with great tips and the writing is always insightful.


imgres Top Hunting Websites

 Sole Adventure

Sole Adventure is run by a guy named Mark, who is an avid bow hunter. Mark enjoys the art and skill of bow hunting, and tells great stories of the land he is fortunate enough to experience on foot while out hunting. Not only is he outside for the hunting exprience, he’s looking to find himself and nourish his soul while hunting (which is one of the reasons I love going outdoors). I have really enjoyed reading marks elk hunting tales as he published them about the hunts he went on in Kentucky and Colorado.


wired to hunt logo new style small version orange version resized for fb copy Top Hunting WebsitesWired to Hunt 

Wired to Hunt is a great website for “whitetail addicts” run by Mark Kenyon. Mark has some of the greatest bow hunting tips and tricks on the web, and has published a great guide on whitetails called The Top Ten Must Have Resources for the White Tail Addict. The guide is a great resource for any white tail hunter, and really helped me out this fall. Make sure to go and give mark’s site a good read through – the hunting stories are really good as well.


New The Will to Hunt Header 2 Top Hunting WebsitesThe Will To Hunt

The Will to Hunt is written by a Virginia (Soon to be Minnesota!) hunter named Will. Will spends most of his spare time out hunting or looking at trail cams for deer. Will loves turkey and deer hunting, and given his pending move, I expect a lot more ice fishing tips and tricks in the future. One of my favorite parts about Will’s blog is that his personality really shines through. Will’s blog is a joy to read, and I’m looking forward to more about him hunting and fishing in the great white north!


Hunting Life

url Top Hunting Websites

Hunting life is probably the biggest collection of hunters on the web. There’s a lot of great content, great hunting news and gear reviews of all the latest hunting products. Not as many personal hunting stories as the sites above, but a great resource on any and all things hunting.

Yuppie Hunting

 Top Hunting Websites

Yuppie hunting is a blog by Matt, a hunter from Oklahoma City. It all began when he saw his friends and family hunting, and wondering what it was all about. Typically everyone associates hunting with a more rural lifestyle, and Matt wanted experience what hunting was all about. Not long after, he was hooked. He wanted to give urban and suburban hunters a space to share their stories, tips and tricks.

Big Buck Zone

ol blog big buck zone Top Hunting Websites

Big buck zone is a great blog run by the folks at Outdoor Life Magazine. There is insight on hunting issues, pictures of record breaking white tails, and anything hunting related. They do a great job of providing a lot of information for all levels of hunter.

Deer Hunting Big Bucks

cropped dhbb header revised 32 Top Hunting Websites Adam Runs Deer Hunting Big Bucks and is an avid deer hunter and has a passion for the outdoors.  Like many hunters, he just wants to savor his time outdoors, enjoy the hunt and teach his kids how to hunt and appreciate the land and enjoy the beauty that it provides. If you’re into buck hunting, make sure to check it out.