Simmons 8-Point Truplex Reticle Riflescope Review

312zmiHQfSL Simmons 8 Point Truplex Reticle Riflescope Review

As one of the most widely known low cost units in today’s market, the Simmons 8-Point Truflex Riflescope is budget friendly product with quality features rolled into one. Its zoom quality is incredibly smooth and capable of handling as far as 100 yards or more.

One of the best things about the Truflex is its ability to handle recoil making succeeding shots simple and precise. This is one of the product’s primary selling points, which makes perfect sense given its excellent field results.

Another great feature of the Truflex is its ¼ audible-click windage and elevation adjustments. This makes it very simple to click over and sight on-the-go without needing to strap your rifle on an optics mount.

In terms of weight, the product is considered to be light for its length. This makes it a great companion for your shotgun in long hunting expeditions.

Main Features of the Simmons 8-Point Truflex:

  • TrueZero windage and elevation adjustment for tight zero lock
  • Weatherproof and waterproof
  • QTA eyepiece for easy image capture
  • Recoil resistant
  • Fully-coated optics for brighter contrast imaging
  • 0.25 MOA SureGrip for easy adjustment
  • Field view of 31.4-10.5/10.5-3.5 (in feet at 100 yards/meters at 100 meters)
  • Eye relief of 3.76 inches/95 mm
  • Weighing at 10z
  • Click value of 25 inches at 100 yards/7 meters at 100 meters
  • Adjustment of 60 inches per 100 yards/1.7 meters at 100 meters
  • Exit pupil of 10.7/3.6 mm
  • Magnification of 3-9x
  • Objective Lens size of 40 mm

Pros of the Simmons 8-Point Truflex:

The 8-Point Truflex is a high quality scope that many can appreciate. Users praise its clear and non-distorting optics. Its reticle is sharp and it features a power ring that smoothly rotates. The 8-point Truflex is compact and lightweight. A matte finish has a nice texture that is highly resistant to bumps and scratches. Its gold-plated dials is eye captivating as well as its plastic inserts that can easily be adjusted. Most users took note of the scope’s generally-sized adjustment.

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Cons of the Simmons 8-Point Truflex:

We have noticed that the Truflex lenses are a bit blurry especially when compared next to its Bushnell 3200 and 4200 siblings (though those units are a bit more expensive than this one). While the adjustments are consistent on the scope, some users feel the it isn’t durable for long term use, though we are not sure about this as we have only used it for a while. At the same time, it’s noted to track game very poorly at times.

Final Thoughts:

In a nutshell, the 8-Point Truflex from Simmons is a quality product worth looking into. If you’re on a budget and you want a good riflescope that boasts a number of features, then you can’t go wrong with this Simmons model. The unit was not totally without flaws, but this is a great scope coming in at an unbeatable price.

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Nikon ProStaff Shotgun Hunter Review

411s2kaVl5L. SL160  Nikon ProStaff Shotgun Hunter ReviewThe Nikon ProStaff Shotgun Hunter is a worthy optical device specifically made for hunting (and with shotgun slug hunters in mind). With Nikon high-grade optics, accurate zero-reset turrets and 75-yard parallax configuration, the ProStaff easily streamlines with Nikon’s own trajectory BDC 200 reticle (you can view the reticle below). Its BDC 200 utilizes unique ballistic circles that offer quick aiming points for long range precision. These quality features, Nikon Optics and more makes the ProStaff a no-brainer option for any slug gun. (We do think highly of other nikon products as well)

pf nikon bdc 200 300x243 Nikon ProStaff Shotgun Hunter Review

Main Features of the Nikon ProStaff Shotgun Hunter 2-7×32:

  • Complete multi-coated optics with balanced brightness and transmission
  • Zero-reset turrets for field adjustments
  • Comfortable eye relief
  • Resists heavy recoil cartridges or angles
  • Swift focus eyepiece for easy sharp focus
  • ¼ MOA click adjustments for easy preservation and maintenance setting
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Nitrogen-filled
  • O-ring sealed
  • 1.79 pounds
  • 15.75 inch x 4.73 inch x 3.15 inch dimensions

Pros of the Nikon ProStaff Shotgun Hunter:

The ProStaff has everything you desire in a mid-priced hunting scope. Not only is it highly resistant to water and fog but it also provides a clear image. Its 2-7x power is ideal for shots of 100 yards or lower. Users praise the scope for its easy mounting on any modern or traditional crossbow. Its durable construction allows it to function dead-on amidst drops, bumps, or scratches. Its reasonable price tag makes it one the best scope choices in the market.

Nikon ProStaff Shotgun Hunter 2-7 x 32 Black Matte Riflescope(BDC 200)

Cons of the Nikon ProStaff Shotgun Hunter:

There’s not much to complain about the mid-priced ProStaff as it commands the basic features required. Some users feel the scope would be complete if it came with a cover or at least a cleaning cloth to make up for its missing component. But within its mid-price range, you get what you pay for, and there are higher quality scopes out there, we just are not sure what to make of them for the lower-distance shooting that shotgun slug hunters typically do.

Final Thoughts:

In a nutshell, the ProStaff is a perfect for any individual seeking for a reasonably priced scope to add on a shotgun. The product guarantees to never let you down the moment you use it. If it only offered a few accessories (such as a cleaning cloth, dual-sided bungee scope cover) it would be right up there with its pricey rivals, even so the Nikon ProStaff can still hang in there with its far more expensive bretheren. Since lacking these picky features may have lowered the ProStaff in scope category, it’s still a fantastic value for a mid-class scope. Nevertheless, the ProStaff is highly recommended for both amateur and experienced users.

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Bushnell Banner X Multi Reticle Scope Review

31SG4p%2B859L Bushnell Banner X Multi Reticle Scope Review  With its single-piece tube design, the Bushnell Banner X Scope is a very handy tool for hunting. The product is O-ring sealed and purged with nitrogen for complete protection from fog and water. The Banner X is capable to withstand complete water immersion while keeping the insides dry. Meanwhile its internal optical surface resists fog formation caused humidity and temperature changes, which frequently happen if you’re an early morning hunter like I am.

The unit features a fast-focus eyepiece as well as a wide-angle field of view that lets you capture and follow game easily – even in low light conditions. The one-piece construction guarantees reliable performance while protecting your investment.

The Banner X has an ideal single plex aiming reticle (seen in the image below). It’s ideal for silhouette, long-rage varmint, and target shooting. The product offers you heightened magnification without giving up on clarity through its multi-coated lenses. The configurable magnifying range and full-sized lens are one of the ideal options for open range hunting.

opplanet bush rs bnr 714124 2 300x197 Bushnell Banner X Multi Reticle Scope Review


Main Features of the Banner X:

  • Multiple coated optics
  • Single piece tube construction
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Shock-absorbing properties
  • Nitrogen-filled
  • ¼ M.O.A. fingertip wind and elevation adjustment
  • Magnification of 3-9x
  • 40mm objective lens
  • Field of View of 40 feet at 100 yards on 3x; 14 feet at 100 yards on 9x
  • 13 oz. in weight
  • 3.3 inch eye relief
  • Specifically made for muzzleloaders and centerfire rifles

Pros of the Banner X:

The Banner X offers excellent clarity in low lighting conditions especially when it comes to viewing your target. We are impressed with its high-performing lens coating in addition to its spaciously large objective lens. Its single body is long and convenient enough to attach and easily mount to your shotgun. Its decent price tag make the Banner X a worthy buy for any hunter, especially beginners.

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Cons of the Bushnell Banner X:

The Banner X only has one slight issue for usL There have been instances where its elevation/deflection settings won’t hold up after 20 rounds are fired, but we think this is only a small issue. After all, if you have to fire off 20 rounds at something and still need to fire more, you should probably think about hunting and wether or not you actually should be continuing with the sport.

Final Verdict:

The Banner X is praised for its clarity on early morning and evening hours. While it may not satisfy every consumer, it offers excellent quality build along with its notable features. The scope itself is very clear to see through and won’t fog early in the morning while keep its zero relatively well. It’s very lightweight yet durable for long term hunting. The Banner X offers incredible value and durability at a reasonable price tag.

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Nikon Aculon Rangefinder Review

51NkcVmkscL. SL160  Nikon Aculon Rangefinder ReviewIf portability means better use, then the Nikon Aculon  Rangefinder is one of the top tier rangefinders of the group. It highly compact body brings an all-new meaning to its portability. Its small size is similar to that of today’s latest smartphones. With a weight of just above 4 ounces (4.4 ounces), the Nikon Aculon is made to taken on any hunt regardless of location. Packed with Nikon’s own unique targeting program, it showcases the longest distance with varying results in one measurement. This unit is loaded with features, and we have listed them below.

Features of the Nikon Aculon Rangefinder:

  • Highly portable body frame: the rangefinder is portable enough to be slipped into any pocket or bag. It’s a reliable rangefinder that can be to be taken anywhere and anytime.
  • Multiple coating layer: Nikon made use of its multi-layered coating for the Aculon AL11. The multiple layer coating offer a more elevated light transmission on a wide range of visible light spectrum. This lessens loss of light as a result of the reflection leading a far more natural viewing clarity.
  • Relief for long eyes: Nikon purposely constructed the Aculon AL11 along with its products with optics via a high eye-point make. This offers crystal clear viewing for anyone with enough spacing between the brow of the user and the rangefinder. This results to complete field of view when seeking targets regardless if one is wearing a pair of eyeglasses or not.
  • Easy viewing screen: the neatly displayed screen offers ranges in a 1 yard or 1 meter interval.
  • One button function: for swift and simple measurements, the one-button operation of the Aculon AL11 is very easy to utilize and powers off within 8 seconds to limit battery usage.
  • Distant target priority functionality program: the Aculon AL11 is programmed in a convenient manner to provide a range of the farthest target on any group target measurement, which is handy when the subject is either blocked by elements such as a bush or grass.
  • Lightweight: its paper-like weight makes the Aculon AL11 a marvel to carry around.
  • Single hand functionality: working off with a single hand press makes the Aculon AL11 handy and less of a hassle while you’re in the rough terrain.

Pros of the Nikon Aculon Rangefinder:

  • Very easy operation in any location
  • Small in size and can easily fit in any pocket or bag
  • Light in terms of weight making it less of a hassle to bring around
  • Excellent options — a trademark of the latest Nikon rangefinders
  • Extremely competitive pricing compared to other rangefinder brands today
  • Compact size for easy handling
  • Easy-to-remove lens cover, which is great when you’re in the field and need to quickly range in on a potential target.
  • Works well for both outdoors and indoors

As you can see, this is a typical Nikon unit, with a light weight, very portable and high quality glass and features “under the hood”. This rangefinder has a shorter viewing distance, making it a good unit for bow hunters.

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Cons of the Nikon Aculon:

  • Some issue spotting darker subjects
  • An average viewing of 300 yards in some cases

Product Specifications:

  • 6 to 550 yards of measurement range, with one yard increments
  • 6x of magnification
  • 6° of real angular field of view
  • Viewfinder reading in meters or yards
  • 18 mm of eye relief
  • +/-4° of diopter adjustment
  • Powered by 1x CR2 lithium battery
  • Size dimensions of 3.6″ x 1.5″ x 2.9″ – very portable and can fit into one of your pocktets.
  • Product weight of 4.4 oz
  • Object diameter of 20 mm
  • Exit pupil of 3.3 mm

This unit is a great go-to in the field, and its compact size and light weight ensure that it will be a great thing to have with you in the field and will not bog you down with unneeded features. This is a great starter unit, and comes in at a great price!

wide light Nikon Aculon Rangefinder Review

Simmons LRF 600 Rangefinder Review

51pZ3z8yj L Simmons LRF 600 Rangefinder ReviewThe Simmons LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder has the capability of being a highly precise rangefinder. It’s not only an exceptional model but it also has an affordable price tag. This makes the model ideal for beginners in a sport like hunting without committing to a costly investment on a product or technology that you’re uncertain how often you will use in the field. The good thing about the Simmons LRF 600 is that if you don’t regularly use it or you no longer need it, you can always give it to someone for golf (or sell it to a hunting buddy) since the product offers the same functionality. Our guess is that once you start using a rangefinder you wont want to stop using one. So now that you’re here, read our Simmons LRF 600 Rangefinder Review.

The Simmons LRF 600 is simple to operate, ideal for those situations out in the field where you need an accurate distance quickly, and features a GPRS that functions very well in short ranges. Unfortunately this unit has a pretty short range compared to other rangefinders on the market, but could be good for some hunters looking for a cost effective unit. (I have never really understood the purpose of the units that go over 1000 yards in range – I would never attempt a shot that far). This was actually the unit I first bought years ago and it served me well. Since I was strictly rifle hunting at the time and did not frequently shoot beyond 250 yards, the limited range did not bother me, and the price point was very attractive. This could be a great unit for a hunter with a few seasons under his belt that is looking to get a bit more serious about hunting but does not want to spend a huge chunk of change on more hunting gear. This will satisfy the hunter and his wife!

Features of the Simmons LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder:

  • Its n-view LCD screen offers precise distance for your target between 10 to 600 yards
  • Comes with up to 4x magnification
  • Very clear and vibrant optics
  • Highly efficient and portable vertical construction
  • 1-yard accuracy
  • Packaged with a carrying case

There are some great features of this unit, but like we mentioned it is fairly bare bones. Great price at less than $150, but not exactly everything you would want in a full bore rangefinder. Could be good for the beginning hunter.

Simmons Lrf600 Laser Rangefinder

Pros of the Simmons LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder:

  • Friendly in terms of pricing and ideal for those on a budget
  • Very simple to operate and intuitive
  • Features a simplified interface and basic viewing technology
  • Solid in terms of measuring distances of about 200 yards or less.
  • Lightweight, making it simple to bring around in any terrain
  • Compact for one hand operation and easily fits into any pocket or backpack

Cons of the Simmon LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder:

  • Occasional issues when going over the 200-yard mark despite labelled readings of over 600-yards
  • Feels like it has a delicate construction – for the hunter that’s rough on himself and his gear, this could be a major drawback.
  • Needs careful handling since it could be damaged if dropped
  • Battery area a little difficult to access
  • Battery life is average at best — spare batteries are recommended for long trips or extensive viewing
  • Technology is too simple leaving it out other essential features found in most high-end rangefinders today (such as bow hunting specific technologies, like ARC)

Simmons Lrf600 Laser Rangefinder

Bottom Line:

The Simmons LRF 600 Laser Rangefinder isn’t an ideal product to invest in for the long term especially if you’re planning to using t for all-day hunting. The minimum quality range it offers is at within 300 yards. Quality is good up until the 200-250 yard range, though it is compromised when reaching over the 200-yard range and you begin to see a huge downgrade in terms of quality. But on the bright side, the Simmon LRF 600 is ideal for some hunting users since its short range capability is where its greatest asset lies. However, it’s not recommended for long distance hits since it would entail you fiddling with the GPRS and being completely mistaken by it. On the long term, it’s better to seek for a high-end rangefinder that can do a far better job. If you’re settling for a rangefinder at a reasonable price tag without sacrificing big in your wallet then this rangefinder is worth the buy. If you are just looking for something quick to see if a rangefinder is for you, consider buying this and wearing it out if you like it, then moving on to a higher end unit with more features.

wide light Simmons LRF 600 Rangefinder Review

Best Hunting Games

Hunting is my favorite hobby, so when the off season rolls around I end up with a lot of free time because there is no hunting for me to do on the weekends. After a few years hunting I  tried to find things to do in the off season that were related to hunting or would help me become a better hunter. I started finding ways to keep in shape during the hunting off season, but those were a bit weather dependent. I couldnt go walking or hiking if the weather was poor. I didnt really know what to do other than that.

After searching for ideas, I opened a fathers day gift from my son. He’s a pretty avid gamer so he found something he thought we could do together – he got me a hunting video game and instantly I was hooked. We played for a few hours that day, and when I finished I knew it was going to be a great way for me to kill some time in the off season. After that I started playing more hunting games and bought a few of my own to play. Even though I play by myself a lot, I play with my son quite a bit still as well.

My Top 3 Hunting Games:

Remmington Super Slam Alaska

Thus is part of an entire series of games but the Alaskan one is my favorite. It is probably because I have been to Alaska and had a chance to hunt there. The graphics are great, and I think the game is super fun to play. I love going out and playing for trophies and trying to unlock all the achievements they have. I have gotten about 60 unlocked so far but I think there is over 150 available to unlock. You can also play alone or with other people. I still play this with my son, though he is still better than I am. The game is a blast to play on the wii, but there is a PC version as well.

Check it out on Amazon

Cabelas Dangerous Hunts 2013

This was the gift that my son bought me that got me hooked on hunting video games. The game is a lot of fun, and you also get the thrill of hunting animals that are at the top of the food chain. You go up against the biggest and best and only the strong can survive – so will you? There are over 30 different places to hunt in the game, and each instills a different fear and sparks your fight-or-flight response system. They even have a pack simulator that simulates how pack animals like wolves will act when you approach them!

My favorite feature is the maneater mode which is a 2 player split-screen mode. The game sends increasingly dangerous predators at you both and you have to see how long you can last. This is the mode that my son first taught me to play on, and we still play from time to time.

Check it out on Amazon

Duck Commander Hunting

Even though I’m not one for much duck hunting (I do try and get a few outings in each season, but I hate waking up early), the duck commander game is a lot of fun to play. It’s made by the guys from duck dynasty, so you know it’s authentic and true to how duck hunting actually works – without the 230 am wake ups! This is a pretty simple game, and you dont even need a console to play it. Just plug in the sensor bar and place it by your tv and the rest just happens! No expensive gaming console to buy – you can just plug the gun and bar in and play. Unfortunately it’s just a one player game, but it’s still loads of fun.

Check it out on Amazon

Those are my 3 favorite hunting video games to play during the off season. The off season is long, but you dont have to be completely without hunting the entire time!

Bushnell G-Force ARC Rangefinder Review

513vxDeH5WL Bushnell G Force ARC Rangefinder ReviewThe G-Force 1300 ARC Rangefinder from Bushnell is an ideal partner for any marksman with a habit of shooting long distances (and a quality scope). This highly accurate Bushnell laser rangefinder captures images with proven precision — known within the Bushnell ARC lineup. At the same time, it offers a new Extreme Speed Precision functionality turbo processor to its arsenal, resulting to a professional level rangefinder that can measure distances as far as 1,300 yards with a minimal erroneous window of half a yard.

The Bushnell G-Force 1300 ARC Rangefinder Review

The Vivid Display Technology feature in the Bushnell G-Force offers you great, well lit range readings even in a dim environment where deer would often be spotted. The G-Force 1300 is purposely made for the professional hunter, whether it’s through an armed rifle or a simple bow. Its Bow Mode gives accurate horizontal distance measurements to a maximum of 99 yards. The Rifle Mode offers a precise bullet drop and holdover capability in inches — getting you ready to make your shot with unmistakable precision.

Through the G-Force 1300’s Variable Sight-In feature, you can manually customize its zero information into the rangefinder for swift bullet drop reimbursement solely made for your weapon. The product is armed with a 6x optical zoom, a rough armored metal cover to resist any environment conditions wherever, and a water resistant build for complete durability. Take your doubts off the table the next time you hunt as you can be assured of a quality rangefinder available in today’s market with the Bushnell G-Force 1300 ARC.

Check Reviews, Ratings and Prices of the G-Force ARC Rangefinder at Amazon

One of our favorite things about this rangefinder is that you can easily operate it with one hand, and it’s small enough to fit the breast pocket of your shirt. It also is remarkably quick, and during our tests it returned an accurate range of a target through the trees (about 700 yards away) very quickly. The unit has solid construction and feels like a high quality piece of equipment. None of that cheap feeling stuff from some Asian country in this unit.

Though there are a lot of awesome things about this unit, we did have a few minor gripes. In the standard mode, it does not return the ARC calculated – you need to be in the ARC mode for that. Not a huge issue obviously, but still gives me trouble because when I need the angle compensated mode I need it pretty quick. I know how much my shot changes, and I just need the adjusted distance to fix it on my own. I also had some trouble attaching the lanyard, so I went with another one that I had laying around and it has worked just fine. The biggest complaint that we have about this unit is that the red display (even in the brightest mode we have) can be hard to read.

Check Reviews, Ratings and Prices of the G-Force ARC Rangefinder at Amazon

Features of the Bushnell G-Force 1300 ARC Laser Rangefinder include:

  • A highly accurate and speedy laser rangefinder from Bushnell
  • Heavily armed with a newly introduced Extreme Speed Precision turbo process for complete overall efficacy
  • A 1/10 yard display accuracy inclusive of a measurement precision of ½ yard
  • Vivid Display Technology offering a vibrant screen display even in low lighting conditions
  • Highly efficient range from 5 to 1,300 yards
  • A rubberized metallic cover to toughness and durability
  • 6x optical zoom magnification
  • RainGuard HD lens with multiple coating layers that resist water exposure

Specifications of the Bushnell G-Force 1300 ARC Laser Rangefinder include:

  • A reflective measurement range of 1,300 yards
  • Dimensions of 1.3-inch x 4-inch x 2.9-inch
  • Weight of 8 oz.
  • Inclusion of 1x3v CR2 batteries
  • Tree Measurement range of 900 yards
  • Deer Measurement range of 600 yards
  • Ranging accuracy of ½ yard
  • Bulls Eye function measures small object distance and target without the need for background target measurements
  • Brush mode that deflects foreground and background objects
  • Variable Sight-In allows for calibration of bullet drop data for your rifle
  • Pre-installed tripod
  • Works with any magnetic system or accessories
  • Posi-thread battery entry with accident-proof opening

Even though our list of complaints was a bit long, we were just interested in being through. We think this is one of the best rangefinders on the market, and once you get used to using it, it should suit your needs nicely. It’s a quality product from bushnell (who always has great gear). So if you’re on the high end of the price range and looking for a new rangefinder, definitely give this one some strong consideration. If this one does not meet your needs or costs too much, then check out our full guide to rangefinders.

wide light Bushnell G Force ARC Rangefinder Review

Bushnell Elite 1600 ARC Rangefinder Review

41NZTqlvHGL Bushnell Elite 1600 ARC Rangefinder ReviewThe Bushnell Elite 1600 ARC Rangefinder is one of the top products in the game as it offers incredible capabilities in a quality set at an expensive but worthy price tag. The Bushnell Elite is the true meaning of high end rangefinder and is made specifically for marksmen and hunters who desire complete accuracy. With an Angle Range Compensation Bow Mode that is great for bow hunters, the Bushnell Elite provides a horizontal shooting distance as far as 99 yards and an overall distance of 1,600 yards.

Bushnell Elite 1600 Arc Rangefinder Review

With the rough build that is commonly observed in Bushnell products, the Elite 1600 ARC can handle even the roughest treatment that the average hunter will throw at it. The product is fully water resistant and is complimented with heavily coated optics — giving you a slight advantage for targeting your game in any hunting environment. The Bushnell Elite can be highly depended on when you need it most. With this rangefinder, you wont be cursing faulty calculations and poor viewing capability on the display or through the glass. This unit will deliver you with the quality you need, and you just need to make sure you hit the shot – no more blaming the rangefinder when you miss!

Check Reviews, Rating and Prices of the Bushnell Elite 1600 ARC Rangefinder on Amazon

Features of the Bushnell Elite 1600 ARC Rangefinder include:

  • A customary Automated Scan mode: this allows you to view any environment while simultaneously seeing an updated LCD screen between your distance to the target
  • BullsEye function: this feature garners the distance of a smaller target without accidentally making measurements on the target background distance. If it happens two or more targets are observed, the closest of the two targets will be shown in the screen
  • Brush function: this disregards distractions such as rocks, branches, and bushes during hunting. It offers a distance view within the screen as a well as objects in the background
  • RainGuard HD: covered in material that make it extremely water resistant
  • Optics covered with multiple layers of coating
  • A purposely twisted eye piece
  • Heavily covered with rubber for additional protection
  • Pre-installed tripod with durable mount
  • A diopter adjustment
  • Vivid Display Technology: gives an enhanced screen reading by significantly enhancing light distribution, contrast, clarity, and proper identification regardless of lighting situations
  • Compatibility with any magnetic accessory or system

Specifications of the Bushnell Elite 1600 ARC 7 x 26 mm Laser Rangefinder include:

  • A magnification X Objective lens of 7 x 26
  • A Field of View of 1,000 yards/1,000 meters: 340/140
  • An Exit Pupil of 3.7 mm
  • An Eye Relief of 19 mm
  • A Rangefinder range of 5 to 1,600 yards
  • Tree Ranging capability of 1,000 yards
  • Deer Ranging capability of 500 yards
  • Rangefinder precision of +/- 1 yards
  • Product weight of 12.1 oz
  • A 3-volt CR 123 battery (included within the set)

Obviously, this is a rangefinder for the top end shooter and would be a great addition for any marksman’s gear bag. If you’re concerned about the features on this unit and whether or not you need (and want to pay for) them all, check out our post on Getting the Best Value Rangefinder. The features on this unit are second to none, and for any hunter looking to get serious and step up their game, this would be the tool to do it with!

Nikon Monarch Gold Team Realtree Rangefinder Review

51heR ncd6L Nikon Monarch Gold Team Realtree Rangefinder ReviewThe Team Realtree Laser 1200 Rangefinder from Nikon has a mixture of the latest technology, complex design, and a durable body. Its LCD screen offers marksmen and hunters an entirely different level of high range image precision measurement. With accurate ½ yard precision all the way to 550 yards and a 1 yard accuracy up to a stunning 1,200 yards, this unit can handle just about any range you throw at it. The Monarch Gold divides itself apart from other products in the field as the ultimate pick for big time hunters and long range shooters, who demand extreme long range precision for targets that are greater than half a mile away (though I’m not a good enough shooter to take those shots yet).

Nikon Monarch Gold Rangefinder

The original Tru-Target Ranging System, known only within the Nikon rangefinder products, lets hunters make priorities on smaller and difficult targets at a simple press of a button. The Nikon Team Realtree Laser 1200 makes use of its original measurement process to offer a quicker and precise measurements in challenging hunting expeditions. Aside from its ½ yard precision and unparalleled reliability, the product is hardly influenced by hot or cold environments making it consistent for ranging in the harshest conditions. As a portable rangefinder, the Team Realtree Laser 1200 measures ranges in meters or yards, comes with complete scanning features, and an automated shutdown power after the reading is delayed for several seconds.

Check Ratings, Reviews and Prices of the Nikon Monarch Gold on Amazon

The unit is easily operated with one hand, and the button structure isn’t complicated. I’m really big on easy use in these rangefinders, and this one is probably one of the easiest that I’ve used. The range appears almost instantly, and the viewfinder is not crowded with all sorts of calculations – it gives you the range and then allows you to compensate when you’re shooting.

Specs of the Nikon Team Realtree Laser 1200 Rangefinder include:

  • Water resistant and fog proof body
  • Comes nitrogen purged with an O-ring seal
  • 1,200 yard effective target range for reflecting targets
  • Nikon digital processing for quicker and precise reading
  • Long eye relief for relaxed ranging
  • Inclusion of batteries within the set
  • Adaptable tripod with easy adjustment

Final Take

All in all, this is a great unit with a great max range that will fit any hunters gear bag. If you do a lot of bow hunting however, you may be interested in a unit with ARC technology, as that could suit your needs better. If you’re a rifle hunter only though, this monarch gold team real tree rangefinder will more than suit your needs with its great distance and half yard accuracy up to 550 yards and the 1 yard accuracy up to 1200 yards. Anything over 1,200 yards that you’re considering shooting at I dont know what to tell you. I dont take shots that far at all, but if you’re comfortable with it and accurate, then go for it.

Nikon Prostaff 7 Review

31JDE%2BEoYeL Nikon Prostaff 7 ReviewThe Nikon Prostaff 7 rangefinder  is packed with awesome features for use with hunting (and some use it for golf as well). It combines a weatherproof body and a coated Eco-Glass optical optical pathway. Furthermore, the multiple layered coated lens structure of the ProStaff 7 optics also possesses phase correcting roof prisms that maintain color integrity and sharpness. A reflecting mirror coasting lets the prism to fully utilize the brightness and transparency of the showcased image on the display screen. The Nikon Prostaff 7’s Eco-Glass optics feature lenses that are friendly to the environment and prisms free from arsenic or lead.

The Nikon ProStaff 7 Rangefinder Review

The unit also has nikons ID technology, which is short for incline/decline. If you are shooting from the top or bottom of a hill or from a tree stand, this unit will compensate the angle for you and let you know how far you need to act like the target is. You dont want to fire from your tree stand at the actual distance, because you’ll have to contend with the arrow dropping more than normal and your downward slope, and that will most likely cause you to kick up a bunch of dust with your arrow right below your target as your target scurries away unharmed! No one wants to make a mistake like that, which is why nikon has deployed the ID technology on this unit.

The Prostaff 7 has a great hand feel, and is very light weight and easy to use with one hand. Removing the unit from the case, turning it on and ranging in can all be performed with the same hand, allowing you to keep your other hand on your firearm or rifle to make sure that you’re ready to draw and fire. Even though this is a small point I have found it very valuable to have one handed use of your rangefinder over the years. It has helped me quite a bit saving time and hassle. My harvest also doesnt get away nearly as often as it used to.

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The product’s turn-then-slide eye cups with several clicking-stopping positions balances the 19-mm eye relief, which offers a relaxed view of the distance for the viewer. A fog-resistant housing filled with nitrogen is covered with rough rubber making the ProStaff 7 binocular resistant to snow and rain. Furthermore, a smaller bridge and comfortable grip ridges allow the glasses for a comfortable and secure hold.

The unit has a .1 yard incremental range for the first 600 yards that you’re able to range things in, and once again, is lightweight and easy to use. I have never had a weather related problem with this unit, and I’ve been taking it out every time I hunt. Rain doesnt seem to bother it, and neither does much else that I’ve come across

Specifications of the Nikon Prostaff 7 include:

  • Water proof depth of up to 3.3 feet
  • Weight of 23.5 oz.
  • Maximum magnification of 8x
  • Objective lens diameter of 42 mm
  • Angle view of 6.3 inches
  • Field of view of 33.33 feet at 1,000 yards/ 110 m at 1,000 meters
  • Minimum Focus Distance of 13.12 inches/ 4 meters
  • Exit pupil diameter of 5.3 mm
  • Eye relief of 19.3 mm
  • Pupillary Adjustment of 56 to 72 mm/ 2.20 to 2.83 inches
  • Centered focus type
  • A complimentary tripod mount
  • Dimensions of 6.89 x 5.08 x 0.31 inches
  • Overall product weight of 23.46 oz/665 grams

Check Reviews and Prices of the Nikon Prostaff 7 at Amazon/easyazon_link]

Final Take

This is a great rangefinder with many advanced features that will help your hunting immensely. It’s compact and easy to operate with one hand, allowing you to be ready in your stand when that Mulley buck comes wandering by. The ID (incline/decline compensation) will help you from the stand and give you the opportunity to take the perfect shot when he walks by. Even though this unit costs a bit more than some of the units we have reviewed here on the site, you’re paying for quality optics and quality features, and you really cant go wrong there.